What is Bonobo-Media?

Bonobo-Media is a set of Bonobo interfaces and a GTK+/libbonobo-based implementation for the the control of generic multimedia playback. It currently supports audio and video streams. Support for tuners is also planned.

What is Bonobo-Media not?

It is not a solution for actually delivering the media content to the end-user. You should use other infrastructures like the GNOME Multimedia Framework for that, ideally, from a Bonobo-Media stream provider.

Bonobo-Media status

Parts of Bonobo-Media are not even in the design phase, the implementation contains bugs, and the designed interfaces can be subject to changes. You should only use it if you are willing to constantly modify your programs to reflect changes in Bonobo-Media.

General design of Bonobo-Media

The general idea behind Bonobo-Media is to remote-control playback components that do the work of displaying/making audible the actual media content on their own. There are five interfaces involved:

The implementation

My implementation (avaliable either from the download site or the GNOME CVS server) uses the GTK+ object system, the libbonobo Bonobo implementation and the GOB preprocessor. It contains:

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