Stream providers

A Bonobo-Media stream provider is a Bonobo component that implements the Bonobo::Media::Stream interface. This is very easy to do: just subclass the BonoboMediaStream class (using the GTK+ object system) and implement some virtual methods.

This page lists the stream providers that I know of.


An MPEG-1 audio player (i.e. it plays MP3 files) using the SMPEG library. Theoretically, it could support video, but that would need GDK output for SDL.

Status: plays audio, but not through EsounD yet


An audio player for Ogg Vorbis audio streams. Ogg Vorbis is a patent-free, open compressed audio format that also has great sound.

Status: Fully functional, not heavily tested yet


Wim Taymans is working on a Bonobo-Media stream provider for the GStreamer media framework. This will enable you to access virtually any types of video and audio data through the Bonobo-Media interfaces.

Status: Ask Wim :)

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