Old news items


  • Since a long time has passed since the last release of RadioActive, I decided to create a new release containing all the new translations that have been checked in since either 1.1 or the GNOME Fifth Toe release. The code base will be changed after GNOME 2 is released -- I plan to port RadioActive over to use all the new exciting features of GNOME 2.


  • RadioActive 1.1 is released today. It contains a patch by Chun-Chung Chen that adds keyboard-controllability to it, and a separate ~/.radioactive directory is no longer needed to store programmed station information. New translations are included as well. Again, the full story is in the included NEWS file.


  • After RadioActive becoming a part of the upcoming GNOME-Extras 1.4, I've decided to finish loose ends and create a 1.0 release (codename "Fly me to the GNOME"). There's a lot of user interface improvements as well -- see the included NEWS file.


  • Since Gtk-- 1.2 and Gnome-- 1.2 has been released (first stable releases since 1.0), I've finished porting RadioActive to use the new UI. The result: RadioActive 0.11. It also includes Turkish translations by Fatih Demir.


  • Wow, I'm beginning to feel that I don't hack on RadioActive for nothing! Moran Cohen e-mailed me about making RedHat package specification files. I'm looking forward to seeing them, Moran!


  • RadioActive 0.10 is released today. It's the same as 0.9, but uses the GNU Autoconf/Automake utilities to make building, porting and installing it easier. In fact, if there are no bugs in the build process, and I get no negative feedback in February, I'll declare it version 1.0.


  • RadioActive 0.9 is released today. It's driver code got some cleanup, some superflous ioctl()'s are removed, the frequency range is set up correctly (instead of using guesstimated hardcoded defaults) and the muting is not turned off when you change the frequency. Some consistency problems between the main window and the panel applet are resolved, too. Also, it has some nice pixmaps for the tuner buttons, and includes Tigert's excellent logo.


  • We've got a RadioActive icon! Thanks for the great Tigert for this nice graphical rendering of a verbal pun. This will naturally make it into the next release.


  • Merry Christmas, folks! To celebrate (or make worse, at your option), RadioActive 0.8 is released.


  • The current RadioActive source is available from the GNOME CVS tree from now on. This means you can grab the most up-to-date version of the source tree whenever you feel like. I hope this will also attract contributors to do stuff like translating the UI to various languages and search for bugs (as if there were any <g>)


  • Anthony Frost told me that the files properties.cc and properties.h were missing from the source distribution. If you had problems too, please download RadioActive 0.7 again.


  • Version 0.7 is released. This is actually my candidate for version 1.0, which means if there are no bugs found in it, and no ideas sent to me by the users, I'll probably just repackage it as 1.0 in a month.


  • Kevin Myer (kevin_myer@elanco.k12.pa.us) wrote me to tell me of a bug which accidentally slipped into 0.6. If you got an error message about "properties.h", download 0.6p1. The binary distribution is not affected.


  • Version 0.6 is released. This is a reorganization release: the interoperation of the panel applet and the standalone version is more complete now. Also new: the station names can be stored (currently, this requires the manual editing of ~/.radioactive/speedtuner, but will in the future be editable from a Preferences window) and are displayed as tooltips in the standalone version.


  • Version 0.5 is released. This is two binaries in one: radioactive is the old, standalone version, and radioactive_applet is a GNOME panel applet.


  • Version 0.4 is released: right-clicking on the tuner buttons stores the current frequency to the specified button
  • This version also has a command line interface in the same binary executable as the X version (detecting X is via the DISPLAY environmental variable)


  • Version 0.3 is released: the -d command line option can be used to specify a tuner device other than the default /dev/radio0. Also, the mute button now shows it's state.


  • Version 0.2 is released: it can now change the volume. I think I'll wait for some feedback now before working more on this small hack


  • The first release of RadioActive (version number: 0.1) is available. It lacks the ability to change the volume or mute the radio.

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