Guikachu: News archive

2007-08-04 Guikachu 1.5.11 contains numerous bugfixes and improvements suggested by Michał Lisowski. If no new issues arise, this is now REALLY to become the beta for 2.0. Promise. Honestly.
2006-10-07 Guikachu 1.5.10 is released today, with a Windows installer as well. Unless some important issue is found with this release, this is to become 2.0 in a couple of weeks.
2006-05-13 Guikachu 1.5.9 fixes all known Windows portability bugs. Please test it. A binary installer for Windows is in the short-term plans.
2005-11-25 Guikachu running on Windows! After making the GNOME-VFS and the GConf dependancy optional, I used MinGW to compile Guikachu for Windows. The process is not yet cleaned up, some Makefile-tweaking is required, but my plan is to make 1.5.8 compile out-of-the-box on Windows. Then hopefully we can provide a binary installation package for 2.0.
2005-11-06 Please download and test Guikachu 1.5.6 thoroughly, this is the version I intend to polish into 2.0.
2005-11-04 Check out this screenshot previewing the new Menu Editor in action
2005-10-12 Believe it or not: a new version is available!
2004-12-06 I was hoping to get some feedback on the ImageMagick-less pre-release tarball, but it seems a proper release is needed to get people to test stuff. So here it is: 1.5.4 ready for download.
2004-09-25 This thread on the mailing list pointed out that replacing ImageMagick with something more lightweight would be a good idea, and later it also turned out that ditching ImageMagick would be a big win for MacOS X compatibility as well. I have a somewhat working pre-release of Guikachu that uses only the GdkPixbuf library (which is built into GTK+, so it's not a new dependency), please download and test it.
2004-09-11 The new release Guikachu 1.5.3 contains Tobias Grützmacher's contribution to support the new Slider widget of PalmOS 3.5 and later.
2004-09-03 Please comment in this thread on the mailing list.
2004-08-20 Guikachu 1.4.2 incorporates Frederic Crozat's GCC 3.4 fixes, and other small bugfixes. To actually compile Guikachu with GCC 3.4, you'll also need to apply this GTKmm 1.2 patch first, then recompile GTKmm and GNOMEmm. The CVS version of Guikachu 1.5 should work out-of-the-box with GCC 3.4, with an unchanged GTKmm 2.
2004-07-08 I've started to rewrite portions of the GUI to take advantage of new GTK 2.0 features, most notably the TreeView. Here's a sneak preview showing 1.5.0 and CVS HEAD side-by-side, note how much more professional the new look is. Once FileSelection is ditched in favor of the new FileChooser, I'll cut a new release.
2004-05-27 Guikachu 1.4.1 fixes the small handful of bugs that have only been discovered after 1.4.0. Important if you're tracking CVS: HEAD will shorty be modified to reflect the GNOME 2 branch, so don't forget to use guikachu-1_4-branch for 1.4.
2004-05-27 Last week I've fixed up the GNOME 2 branch in CVS to get it into a compilable state. The next unstable series, 1.5, will be based on this. To get a sneak peak, check out the guikachu-gnome-2-branch branch from CVS.
2004-05-08 Guikachu 1.4.0 is released today. Nearly two years after 1.2, this new stable release features lots and lots of goodies, so grab it while it's hot!
2004-03-31 If you've had problems compiling lexer.ll with 1.3.8, or received error messages about rcp-save.h missing, give 1.3.9 a try.
2004-03-25 I've cut a new 1.3 release, now containing the RCP importer. It is also string-frozen now, so let the translation begin!
2004-03-22 With the help of Nathan Kurz, an initial version of RCP parsing is now in CVS. It allows you to import your legacy PilRC files and edit them in Guikachu.
2004-02-01 The latest unstable release 1.3.7 is probably containing every feature that's going to be in 1.4, unless someone reports something important is missing.
2004-01-11 Guikachu On The Web: I've found a couple of (hopefully) interesting sites featuring us: an article on developing Palm applications on Linux, in Russian; palmPANEL, a generic framework for writing client applications controlling UNIX boxen; other applications developed with Guikachu can be found here, here, and here. A new release is also available.
2003-12-22 I've been working on support for BITMAP resources in the last week. This screenshot shows Guikachu matching a color bitmap to the standard Palm greyscale palette with 16 shades. This one shows the new color preview option.
2003-02-14 Oops, looks like I forgot to write a news item in January about the release of 1.3.4 that introduces cut & paste support.
2002-11-17 Those of you who've tracked the mailing list must have read the almost weekly updates on the development process of the undo system. And now, at last, here's a new release that finally contains the completed undo system.
2002-08-31 Our 30,000th visitor will get absolutely nothing. Still, if it's you, please look into the camera and pretend to be happy.
2002-08-28 Get the new development release and you can now load from/save to arbitrary URI's, thanks to the power of GNOME-VFS! It also offers a glimpse of the upcoming undo code (disabled by default for now), fixes for the property editor racing conditions introduced in 1.3.0, and finally retires the XSLT-based guikachu2rcp script.
2002-08-09 I've been secretly working on porting Guikachu to GNOME 2 over the last two days: here's a sneak preview. It's still work in progress -- see it in the guikachu-gnome-2-branch branch in CVS.
2002-07-11 If you're tracking the Guikachu development via CVS, don't be surprised if all the guikachu2rcp-related XSL files are removed. Instead of the XSLT-based shell script, guikachu2rcp is now a normal executable using the same code paths as Guikachu itself. You will learn to appreciate this when in the future there are fewer bugs in the RCP converter :)
2002-06-30 Check out 1.3.0, which is the first of the post-1.2 unstable releases. Try it and marvel at its speed. But don't rush throwing your trusted Guikachu 1.2 out the window -- it's called "unstable" for a reason.
2002-06-18 While working on the new I/O code for the "next-generation Guikachu", I've noticed that the RCP generator for dialogs missed the DEFAULTBUTTON entry. This is fixed in 1.2.3, along with changes that enable the usage of GCC 3.1 to compile Guikachu.
2002-06-04 As a follow-up to a feature request on the mailing list, I've thrown together a prototype Python script that creates a skeleton C code from a Guikachu document. It's available for download here, but be advised, it's an unfinished piece of hacked-up code. I'm posting it in the hope of someone interested showing up and finishing it.
2002-05-28 1.2.2 fixes some bugs that slipped into 1.2 and adds a new feature as well: recently opened files are listed in the File menu so you can easily get back to what you were working on.
2002-05-20 Check out and participate in this thread where we'll discuss the future of Guikachu
2002-05-20 If you're annoyed by the now meaningless warning about how dangerous and unstable Guikachu 1.2 is (which is a leftover from the 1.1 series), you will be delighted by the new release that has no meaningful improvements beside removing this warning.
2002-05-17 Guikachu 1.2.0 is released, packed with exciting new features and improvements. Read the announcement and even if you stayed with our previous stable release, upgrade to it because it's really That Much Better.
2002-05-12 After nearly half a year after 1.0, we're entering the beta phase for 1.2. The first beta contains important RCP exporting fixes by Christopher Keith Fairbairn.
2002-05-06 By Guikachu 1.1.8, released today, I've finally decided on a solution to the encoding problem: from now on, all input and output is to be done in 7-bit ASCII. This means you'll have to use escape sequences to enter Latin-1 characters, but it's the only firm long-term solution, since GTK+ doesn't make it possible to otherwise determine the input's encoding.
2002-04-18 Due to a policy change in GConf, a new release was needed. If you've used the unstable series (Guikachu 1.1) before, be sure to read the installation instructions in the README file, because it's a bit tricky to avoid clashes between the new and the old schema files.
2002-04-04 I'm at GUADEC, if you're a translator, contributor, or user -- be sure to look for me :)
2002-03-28 Sorry for the more than three weeks that has passed since the last release: first I was burdened by university stuff, and now I'm deeply entrenched in the C++ wrapper of ORBit2. So, here's 1.1.6 for you to enjoy.
2002-03-02 Do you catch the reference in the release name of 1.1.5? Download it and do some testin' -- 1.2 is not that far.
2002-02-14 I've released 1.1.4 to show the progress in the resizing feature. It is still one or two small TODO items short of being completed.
2002-02-10 I'm working on getting WYSIWYG resizing to work. This screenshot shows a checkbox being edited. The small white rectangles can be dragged by the mouse. You can also hold down the Shift key to keep the aspect ratio of the widget while resizing it. This message has some of the details.
2002-01-15 Thanks to an email containing feature requests, I've realized I've been using the PilRC 2.5 documentation all along, when in fact the latest release is 2.8, and has lots of new stuff since 2.5. If you're a hardcore PilRC user, please read my inquiring questions and see if you can answer some of them.
2002-01-13 Nearly a year after the project started, 1.1.3 contains the first substantial code contribution from a third party: Jay Bloodworth. His work made it possible to use the Symbol fonts to display arrows and other special characters in your application.
2002-01-04 A new release for the new year: enjoy 1.1.2.
2001-12-27 Selecting widgets by drawing a bounding box is actually a lot more easier to implement that I thought, thanks to the Guikachu::FormEditor::CanvasItem infrastructure! Fun fun fun!
2001-12-23 OMFG, a new release?! How did that happen? Shouldn't I be fscking learning for my exams or something?
2001-12-15 One weekend, two releases: it doesn't get better than that, does it? 1.0.1 contains bugfixes by Havard Wigtil, and 1.1.0, Dawn, is, in fact, the dawn of the new development series.
2001-12-07 1.0.0 is released today. It features full user documentation, a complete sample application, and all the features that were planned for the 1.0 milestone release.
2001-12-01 Winter's just begun.
Resource editor for Palms
nears its first release.
Grab Release Candidate 1 while it's hot.
2001-11-18 The first beta, Image of Me is released. It is also my birthday, so yeah, I rock.
2001-11-11 0.98.2 has the documentation build system put in place.
2001-11-10 In true "release early" fashion, I've released 0.98.1. If you've had problems compiling Guikachu with GCC 3.0, or experienced crashes, this is the release you want to try.
2001-11-06 The feature freeze release has happened. Download it now. Make it crash. Search for memory leaks. Look for bugs. And, of course, don't forget to report them :)
2001-11-01 I am extremely happy to announce Guikachu 0.13, FuriGUI. Why? Because this fulfills one of the ultimate goals of Guikachu: WYSIWYG. Every single pixel you see in the Form Editor will also be present on your PalmOS-based handheld. As such, this is also the last "regular" 0.x release: once all the features still planned for 1.0 are implemented, the next release is going to be 0.98.0, and from there on, only bugfixes and documentation/translation updates are going to get in. So, if you would want to work on documentation or a translation, now is a great time to begin.
2001-10-28 In the process of getting ready for 1.0, I've reviewed the rendering code of every single widget. As of today, I can claim 100%, single-pixel-precise perfection for every widget but Form, Button and Table. Thinking about how the initial 0.1 release announcement talked about how "single-pixel perfection is not possible", I am very proud of this. Please help me out in testing Tables, you don't even have to do the pixel matching yourself, just send a test case (a program using Tables and its Guikachu file) to the mailing list
2001-10-23 Guikachu 0.12: Inspector Widget is available for download.
2001-10-14 Marco Antonio Cabazal sent me an update to the file, needed to generate RPM packges. Thanks!
2001-10-13 Guikachu 0.11: Got W?. Yeah, we've got W's, as Table, the last of the widgets targeted for 1.0, is implemented in this release.
2001-09-25 Guikachu 0.10:The Mamimi I never had is released today. It is hopefully a return to the more frequent releases. Text fields are implemented now, which leaves Table as the only unsupported widget for 1.0.
2001-09-20 Binary RPM's are available on the Download page, thanks to Erich Douglass for providing them
2001-09-14If you are having problems compiling 0.9 on a Red Hat system, download 0.9.1 below for a small fix and some changes to the spec file.
2001-09-12Guikachu 0.9: Second Impact keeps being late is released. The release name obviously refers to the date of this release (if you don't get it, don't worry too much about it), and the fact that this release has so many changes and enhancements that it should have been released sooner.
2001-08-31 Some Guikachu users experienced unexplainable crashes due to stack corruption. This turned out to be caused by using Gtk::Widget::destroy() incorrectly. It is fixed in the CVS version. Also in the CVS version, all the property editors are accessable via keyboard shortcuts (e.g. press Meta+i to edit the ID field)
2001-08-16 We now have a mailing list for users and developers interested in Guikachu. Feel free to subscribe and share your ideas.
2001-08-14 As promised, August came and it brought a new release: Guikachu 0.8: The devil's in the widgets is available. The standalone palette that the TODO has been mentioning for a long time is finally implemented.
2001-07-08 Guikachu 0.7: Pocketylase is released. This is the first release with native font support -- please test it heavily, I am sure there are bugs and stability problems lurking around. No new widgets are included (let's hope the existing ones keep working:). I am going to try focus on GNOME development for the rest of the month, so the next release is probably going to be delayed until August.
2001-07-05 The finals are over, so it's time for me to get back to Guikachu. I am currently implementing native font integration, i.e. the next release will feature pixel-perfect text rendering.
2001-06-10 Guikachu 0.6: Don't hate the newborn is released. It doesn't have any cool new features, but it works with GNOME-- 1.1.21 and it will work with the stable release, 1.2.0.
2001-06-07 GNOME-- 1.1.19 and later versions are not compatible with Guikachu 0.5 and earlier versions. I am trying to rush a relatively new-feature-less new release of Guikachu using the GNOME-- 1.1.20+ API (that will also hopefully be the final 1.2 API). Stay tuned.
2001-05-20 Rendering the big bold PalmOS font This screenshot shows an application I quickly hacked together to parse and render PilRC font files -- including the original PalmOS fonts! This means the next release of Guikachu might have pixel-perfect text rendering! Sadly, I won't have time until July to actually integrate it into Guikachu, and I will have to get in touch with the PilRCEdit developers to figure out what the license is on the (possibly reverse-engineered?) original PalmOS fonts. Stay tuned.
2001-05-11 Basilio Briceno has volunteered do draw an icon. So far, the results look fabulous -- I haven't got a hi-res version yet, but I will post it as soon as I can.
2001-05-05 Guikachu 0.5: Csirke/Linux is released, with a handful of new supported widgets, some bugfixes for your convenience and drag & drop support for positioning widgets in the form editor.
2001-04-30 Several people reported problems compiling Guikachu 0.4. If you get compile-time errors in, change the line that reads list <UI::Info> menubar; to list <UI::SubTree> menubar; in line 71 of
2001-04-26 Debian GNU/Linux packages of Guikachu will be available shortly, courtesy of Roger So. It is currently queued up in the Incoming section of Debian.
2001-04-25 If you have looked at the 0.4 code, you may have noticed that the drag & drop code (to position widgets in the Form Editor with the mouse) is basically there but it's disabled. The reason for this is that there was a nasty bug lurking around that made each widget render more and more of its previews. This would eventually bog down the system, but the bug was more prominently triggered by the drag & drop code. Anyway, after a long chase, I've finally cornered the bug and it is fixed in CVS now (along with the drag & drop code enabled)
2001-04-22 Guikachu 0.4: Unquote is released. The release name is referring to a certain individual who managed to piss off a rather large amount of GNOME hackers in a rather short time.
2001-03-27 Guikachu 0.3: Attack of the Mutant Decidual Cells from Outer Space is released. It is the first version with the form editor included.
2001-03-18 Hacking on the form editor: here is a screenshot
2001-03-04 Guikachu release 0.2: geoff
2001-02-27 First full release of Guikachu! (0.1: Pocket lint)
2001-02-25 First pre-release of Guikachu

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